Commerce Casino: At The Forefront Of California Online Gambling

Located in the suburbs of Los Angeles in Commerce, California, the Commerce Casino is the largest card-room in the world, with an astounding 243 tables. With nearly 200 dedicated poker tables and some of the highest stakes games in the world, the Commerce Casino is widely considered one of the top poker destinations, and has become synonymous with California poker since the Poker Boom. History of the Commerce Casino The Commerce Casino came into being in 1983, and along with contemporaries like the Bicycle Casino, Commerce helped usher in the California Poker Boom that exploded in the 1990’s. Initially Commerce was just another card-room in a state dotted by dozens of them, but over the years the casino has grown to legendary status, and the name Commerce has become the model for poker in California and around the world—if your card-room is compared to Commerce you’re in good company. Commerce has continued to grow over the years, adding more and more gaming options and amenities for visitors to take advantage of. The largest and most significant expansion took place in 2001 when Commerce underwent a major renovation with the addition of a 200 room hotel to the property, turning the Commerce into not just a card-room, but a destination card-room. In 2009, Commerce made a smaller but still significant addition, adding to their already sizable list of gambling options with an off-track racebook, and inching Commerce closer and closer to a full resort-style casino. While it’s not quite there yet (Commerce is still considered a card casino), this is something online poker and gambling expansion in California would help to achieve, and something the area would also appreciate as the Commerce Casino accounts for a full 38% of the town’s yearly revenue according to Wikipedia, making the Commerce Casino a vital cog of the local economy and a source of pride for local residents. The Commerce Casino today The Commerce Casino is a non-smoking poker room and offers their patrons table-side food and beverage service. The Commerce Casino also offers jackpots, discounted hotel rates for players and free wi-fi. Even though the property technically isn’t considered a full casino, Commerce has everything players have come to expect from resort casinos, including the aforementioned hotel, a shopping center, a number of different spa services, fine dining options, private pool and sundeck, and even on-site entertainment options such as boxing and MMA matches. Where They Stand Now in the Poker World The Commerce Casino is hands down the best card-room in California, and one of the best card-rooms in the entire world. In addition to having the largest card-room in the world, the Commerce also boasts one of the best management staffs in the world, with Tournament Director extraordinaire Matt Savage leading the Commerce staff. Savage is widely considered to be the best Tournament Director in the industry and is often mentioned as a potential Poker Hall of Famer for all of his work in the industry. Commerce also hosts a number of major poker tournaments and events throughout the year:
Los Angeles Poker Classic
California State Poker Championship
Commerce Poker Series
LA Poker Open
Free poker lessons on Tuesdays and Wednesdays in the hotel
Bring your home game to Commerce Casino Here is a look at the Commerce Casino’s daily tournament schedule. You can follow Commerce on Social Media: Facebook; Twitter; and YouTube. Rewards Program Commerce Casino offers a full reward program to their guests. As a member of the Commerce Player’s Club you’ll receive comp points for the time you spend at the Commerce tables as well as the following offers:
Exclusive promotional offers
Advance Tournament news
Exclusive admission to Carded Members Only tournaments and more Players Club points can also be exchanged for everything from dining and hotel stays to merchandise in Commerce shops and even car washes. Handicapping Their Chances for Online Poker If California passes online poker or online gambling legislation you can be certain that the Commerce Casino will be heavily involved in the effort, and that they will be at the forefront of California online gambling. Commerce Casino was a member of COPA (California Online Poker Association) a group of pro-online gambling casinos and tribes that disbanded back in 2012—infighting led to the dissolving of COPA—as well as the California Gaming Association, which has also come out in favor of online gambling on behalf of its members. The Commerce Casino has publicly come out in favor of online poker in California. As the largest card-room in the world, Commerce will certainly looking to be at the forefront of online gaming in California, and while they are fighting for online poker in the state, The Commerce Casino is also fighting to make sure they get a favorable deal if a deal is made—which is essentially where the factions have drawn their lines in the sand. Previous Post Next Post commerce About Steve Ruddock Steve Ruddock is a longtime member of the online gambling industry. He covers the regulated US online casino and poker industries for variety of publications, including,,, and USA Today.

Hawaiian Gardens Casino’s Expansion Could Lead to Online Poker

Located in Hawaiian Gardens, California, just outside of Los Angeles, the Hawaiian Gardens Casino is one of the larger and more prominent cardrooms in California. History of the Hawaiian Gardens Casino The Hawaiian Gardens Casino was the brainchild of Dr. Irving Moskowitz who bought the land in 1993 and opened the Hawaiian Gardens Casino’s doors in 1995; right next door to Moskowitz’s bingo hall which he purchased from the city in 1988. The casino sprang up in what was at the time one of the most crime-ridden area of Los Angeles, and while gambling opponents will scream from the rooftops that casinos increase crime, the Hawaiian Gardens is perhaps the perfect example (Tunica, Mississippi is another) that casinos, and the employment opportunities they can bring, can do wonders to rehab an area. Since opening the Hawaiian Gardens Casino the area has seen record drops in crime. Still, the area isn’t quite what people consider “safe.” And because of its location, the Hawaiian Gardens employs a lot of security. With six hundred cameras in and around the facility to protect its patrons and the decreased crime rate, the casino is really helping to usher in a new era in the city and turning the surrounding area into a “safe” neighborhood. The Hawaiian Gardens Casino today Hawaiian Gardens, like all California casinos, is a non-smoking facility that offers tableside food and beverage options. Free wi-fi is available on the casino floor; automatic shufflers are used on all tables; as well as several amenities from dining options to massage being available. Additionally, Hawaiian Gardens is currently undergoing a $45 million expansion that is anticipated to be finished sometime in early 2016, when the Hawaiian Gardens will move into its new 200,000 square foot state-of-the-art facility. The expansion will make Hawaiian Gardens the largest card-room in California (in terms of square footage and possibly tables) and will also be a boon to the local economy as some three hundred to four hundred new jobs will be added—Hawaiian Gardens already employs about 1,600 people. Like the Commerce Casino, Hawaiian Gardens is a vital part of the local economy, accounting for 70% of the general revenue for the smallest LA County. Where They Stand in the Poker World With 110 poker tables, Hawaiian Gardens houses a very large poker room (a separate area contains tables for other table games like blackjack), unfortunately, the location and the reputation of the area keeps many high-rollers from heading out to the casino. Because of this, most of the games at Hawaiian Gardens are low and middle limit offerings. This also puts a damper on major tournament series visiting the casino, as the only major tournament series offered is the Gardens Poker Classic, an on-site tournament series run by the Hawaiian Gardens. The casino does have a solid daily tournament schedule, which you can view here. Rake is fairly standard for the area, with lower limit games having a $4 max plus $1 jackpot drop. Rewards Program Hawaiian Gardens does have a frequent player’s card, but the card offers very few perks. Essentially, the player’s club card is only used to mail you special offers and to enter you into special drawings the casino holds. There are no comp points or other benefits attached to the player’s card—a very strange decision on management’s part. You can also sign up to receive text messages from the casino, where Hawaiian Gardens will text you tournament information as well as info on the latest promotions and contests taking place at the casino. Handicapping Their Chances for Online Poker Hawaiian Gardens signed on to the short-lived COPA (California Online Poker Association) and the casino is also a member of the pro-online gambling California Gaming Association (CGA) so it would appear that they are on board with online poker expansion in the state, although like most casinos they are keeping their cards close to their vest. Considering their expansion plans (the casino floor will house some 300 gaming tables and there will be room for conference and banquet halls as well), Hawaiian Gardens appears to be pushing the envelope, and that probably means online poker or online gambling is on their to-do list. Next Post hawaiian gardens About Steve Ruddock Steve Ruddock is a longtime member of the online gambling industry. He covers the regulated US online casino and poker industries for variety of publications, including,,, and USA Today.

The Bicycle Casino From ‘Live at the Bike’ To Online Poker

Located in Bell Gardens, California, the Bicycle Casino, more commonly referred to simply as “The Bike” is one of the most famous card-rooms in the United States and has been an iconic name in the poker world for three decades. History of “The Bike” The Bicycle Casino opened its doors on November 30, 1984, and almost immediately managed to become a well known property, even before California’s poker expansion in the mid-1980’s. When the Bicycle Casino opened in 1984 the only game legally allowed in California was Draw Poker, but many card-rooms were also spreading Holdem poker at this time (the game had surged in popularity in nearby Nevada) which led to a legal dispute between the state and the card-rooms. Draw poker had been officially legal in California since the early 20th century, and in 1987, after an appellate court ruling, California card-rooms were legally allowed to offer other variants like Stud, which had been expressly banned in California dating back to 1911. With the ruling Stud Poker, Texas Holdem, and Omaha joined Draw Poker games, and the “California Poker Rush” was officially on. The entire California poker landscape changed after this ruling with the Bicycle Casino as one of the first benefactors. During the 1990’s and 2000’s the Bicycle Casino was one of the must-visit card-rooms in the world, with the casino attracting celebrities from nearby Los Angeles, and of course the poker pros eager to take them on. George Hardie and his vision The Bike was the vision of George Hardie Sr.—a 2012 Poker Hall of Fame finalist—who brought the card-room to prominence during his time at the helm. During its heyday, in the mid to late 1980’s, the Bicycle Casino was the largest cardroom in the world thanks to Hardie’s leadership and creative ideas such as offering “guarantees” for tournaments held at the casino. In a time when this wasn’t always a given, the Bicycle Casino was known for running honest games and was frequented by many of the biggest names in poker. Hardie is one of the most interesting and colorful characters in poker history, as this LA Times articles attests to. The Bike in modern times The modern Bicycle Casino features a 100-table non-smoking poker room with table-side food and beverage service. The poker room at the Bike offers jackpots, multiple televisions around the room, and wi-fi service. There are plenty of amenities away from the tables as well. The Bike offers several spa services, dining options, and bars on the property as well as valet parking. While it’s no longer one of the jewels of the poker world, the Bicycle Casino is still a terrific card-room, and has remained relevant with new creative ideas such as their Live at The Bike online telecast (more on this below). Where They Stand Now in the Poker World The Bicycle Casino is still a prominent card-room in the eyes of the poker community, and one of the key stops for several poker tours. Although it has given some ground to competitors like The Commerce, don’t sleep on the Bike, especially if online gambling is passed in California. The casino has a terrific brand and a solid reputation it can leverage. With 100 dedicated poker tables for cash-games, and a total of 190 tables when you count tournaments and casino card game tables like Pai Gow and Three Card Poker, the Bicycle Casino is still one of the largest and most heavily trafficked card-rooms in California, and therefore in the world. In addition to their robust daily tournament schedule, with buy-ins ranging from $30 to $90, The Bike currently hosts several exclusive tournament series as well as tournament series for the following tours:
World Series of Poker Circuit Events
World Poker Tour Legends of Poker
Cardplayer Poker Tour
LA Poker Series
Winning O’ the Green
Mega Millions Series
WSOP Academy seminars Here is a glimpse at the daily tournament schedule at The Bike. Rewards Program Like most casinos and card-rooms, The Bike offers their players a rewards program where players earn points that can then be used at the casino. The Bicycle Casino Player’s Club and its Custom Card allow players to earn 1 point for every hour they play at The Bike, equivalent to about $1 in comps. Live at the Bike As mentioned above, The Bike offers a live televised cash game feed known as Live at the Bike. The regularly scheduled game draws professional players thanks to the exposure from the live feed, and with a wide assortment of stakes and formats the Live at the Bike feed has a little something for everyone. Handicapping Their Chances for Online Poker The Bicycle Casino is definitely on board when it comes to online gambling, and with their storied history and prominence in California, The Bike should be one of the top online destinations for California poker players if and when California passes an iGaming bill. The Bicycle Casino was a part of the now defunct COPA (California Online Poker Association) and is a member of the California Gaming Association which has backed online gambling expansion in the state. The Bike has the name as well as the resources to get involved in online poker in California and would make an appealing partner for an online gaming site. Previous Post Next Post bike About Steve Ruddock Steve Ruddock is a longtime member of the online gambling industry. He covers the regulated US online casino and poker industries for variety of publications, including,,, and USA Today.

Pennsylvania Online Gaming Bill Has New Life, Passes Committee Vote

Pennsylvania could be on its way to becoming the fourth state to legalize online gaming. A bill that would permit the state’s casinos to operate poker and casino games over the Internet passed out of a house committee this morning. The bill, HB 649, is sponsored by Rep. John Payne, chairman of the Pennsylvania Gaming Oversight Committee. HB 649 passed the committee by an 18-8 margin. It now heads to the full Pennsylvania House for a vote. If it passes, it would then head to the state Senate. The bill may also be attached to a state budget, which is 130 days past due. What HB 649 permits HB 649 would permit online poker and casinos games in the state. Pennsylvania casinos would operate regulated online games. Outside companies could provide software to Pennsylvania casino licensees. Casinos would pay $5 million in licensing fees under HB 649. Software providers would pay $1 million to get licensed. The tax rate would be 14 percent of gross revenues. In addition to online poker, any casino game legal at Pennsylvania casinos would be permitted over the Internet at licensed sites. This includes slots, video poker, blackjack, roulette, craps and a variety of proprietary table games. Three states already permit licensed online gaming. Nevada became the first state to regulated online poker in April 2013. Delaware and New Jersey launched online poker and casinos games in November 2013. Poker Players Alliance reaction John Pappas, executive director of the Poker Players Alliance, released this statement:

Online Gambling Still Alive In PA After Legislature Votes Down Governor’s Budget

The Pennsylvania legislature last week voted down Governor Tom Wolf’s proposed budget by a final count of 127-73. The takeaway for proponents of gambling expansion in the commonwealth? No budget means that online gambling still isn’t off the table. Budget impasse keeps going, and going… Lawmakers and Governor Wolf have spent the past several months trying to hammer out a budget they can all agree on, but with neither side willing to give in on their core issues, Majority Leader Dave Reed (R-Indiana) decided the best path forward was to hold a vote on the governor’s plan to demonstrate how unpopular it is in the legislature. The state is facing a severe budget deficit that could continue Pennsylvania’s disturbing trend of ever-increasing property taxes in order to make up for a lack of public education funds. The governor’s plan is to create new taxes on tobacco sales and natural gas producers, and most notably, reformation of the state’s income tax code that would lead to an increase on top earners. Online gambling returns to the debate The legislature continues to push for alternative solutions. And in an article in the Morning Call, the topic of online gambling was once again broached, with reporter Steve Esack writing: Online gambling was a hot topic in Pennsylvania during the first six months of the year, but once the budget talks began, the issue was seemingly pushed to the back burner, with only passing references to its possible inclusion in a final budget deal. But throughout the budget impasse (which is now more than 100 days old), nobody has been willing to write off iGaming expansion. As All American Poker Network CEO David Licht put it, “$100 million is a lot to pass up.” With the legislature easily voting down the governor’s proposal, online gaming may be resurrected. With a substantial vote shortfall, Wolf may now have to acquiesce to some of the legislature’s budget fixes, and the one that seems the least controversial for both sides is online gambling expansion. Will Wolf let online gambling through? Earlier this year Wolf said he would consider legalizing online gambling, but didn’t feel it would have an immediate enough impact to warrant a tit-for-tat trade with one of his proposals, as revenue would be unlikely in 2016. He may have to reconsider, and the numbers tell a slightly different story. It would certainly take time for Pennsylvania to get an online gambling industry up and running — likely close to a year. But that doesn’t mean the state wouldn’t realize a revenue windfall from online gambling in 2016, as up-front licensing fees would be collected, which I’ve estimated would tally $50-$75 million. Furthermore, there are other fiscal benefits to adding iGaming, as casinos would have to bring in dozens of new, highly skilled workers, to get their iGaming websites primed. Online gambling revenue may not roll in until late 2016, but the state would be leaving tens of millions of dollars on the table if it passes on online gambling expansion this year.

Online Gambling Legislation In Pennsylvania Could Still Be Part Of Final Budget

As the 2015 legislative session wore on, Pennsylvania was seen as the United States’ best chance to pass an online gambling bill this year. The commonwealth had momentum on its side, and there were only pockets of opposition to online gaming expansion. But the 2015 window for iGaming appears to be closing as the state legislature and the governor continue to battle over how the state can solve its budget deficit — the state’s budget is now some 50 days past due — and lawmakers began squabbling about the specifics of the bill. Expansion for iGaming hit a slight speed bump when the Senate bill (SB 900) differed from the bill put forth by the House (HB 649), most notably in the amount of taxes that operators would pay, 54% compared to 14%. These differences aren’t irreconcilable, but another issue has been hanging over possible iGaming expansion. It’s the budget, stupid The real hang-up is the budget. The legislature appeared to be hoping that online gambling revenue could be an alternative to one or more of Governor Tom Wolf’s proposals. The governor doesn’t look like he is interested in a straight up tradeoff. Wolf continues to push for new taxes on natural gas production and cigarettes, as well as comprehensive reform of the state’s income tax code. The Republican-controlled legislature has different ideas, as they are pushing for pension reform as well as exploring new forms of revenue such as expanded gaming options. The legislature might want to use iGaming as a tit-for-tat proposal, while Governor Wolf appears to see it as an “in addition to” type of measure. Is gaming expansion even on the table? Depending on who you ask, the budgetary impasse is either a positive or negative for online gaming, evidenced by a recent GamblingCompliance column (paywall) where opinions were split on what the delayed budget means. Even though they concede the issue has been pushed aside in the state’s budget talks, some of the stakeholders and the supporters of online gambling in Pennsylvania still feel there is a decent chance iGaming expansion could be included in the final budget. According to GamblingCompliance’s reporting, several stakeholders and gaming lobbyists believe online gaming expansion (and perhaps the addition of slot machines at OTB parlors throughout the state) is still on the table, even though the negotiators for the governor and the legislature haven’t brought them up “at all.” The general feeling among the various interests seems to be this: The longer the budget impasse goes, the more likely alternative options will be considered. Additionally, if the legislature has to cave to some of Wolf’s demands, iGaming could morph into an “in addition to” policy for the legislature, instead of the alternative they hoped for. Other stakeholders and lobbyists are less optimistic about the prospects for 2015, such as Penn National (which is otherwise bullish on iGaming expansion), and have more or less written off gaming expansion this year. Furthermore, the governor has recently stated that talks between himself and House Majority Leader Dave Reed have been somewhat productive, and he feels they are “moving in the right direction.” If that is in fact the case, there would be little need to find alternative revenue streams such as gaming expansion. Will iGaming expansion reappear in 2016? Even if iGaming is excluded from the final version of the 2015 budget, Pennsylvania will almost certainly revisit the topic in 2016. The state’s casinos are in favor of iGaming expansion (with the exception of the Sheldon Adelson-controlled Sands Bethlehem Casino) and several have entered into iGaming partnerships. Representative John Payne, the Chairman of the House Gaming Oversight Committee, is a staunch supporter of online gambling, as is his counterpart on the committee, Democrat Nick Kotik. Furthermore, several senators emerged as supporters of online gaming expansion when SB 900 was discussed at length at two separate hearings. It all adds up to the idea that if iGaming fails, it will be back for round two next year. Photo by used under license CC BY 2.0.

Gov. Wolf Staying Firm On Increased Spending, Meaning Revenue Questions Remain

A month into Pennsylvania’s budget standoff, Gov. Tom Wolf appears to have no plans to reduce the expenditures he has planned for the state, like more money for education. The takeaway? If he wants to keep his plans for the budget intact, he will have to find a way to fund the expenditures while also appeasing Republicans, who have been adamant about not raising taxes in Pennsylvania. What Wolf wants to keep In an impasse that has now lasted a month, there has been almost no progress made in meager negotiations between the Democratic governor and Republican lawmakers in the state. While the two sides have been talking, albeit sporadically, Wolf, at least publicly has shown little willingness to cut back on any of the funding increases he earmarked in his version of the budget. In particular, Wolf appears to remain firm that funding be increased for Pennsylvania’s schools, one of the major tenets of his successful campaign. To back down from his promises on education would amount to a major political defeat for Wolf. Despite the fact that funding for this school year might be affected if a budget isn’t passed soon, Wolf is sticking to his guns. In talking to the York Rotary Club on Wednesday, Wolf had this to say about increased education funding in his budget: How does the education funding get paid for? Republicans would likely be happy to approve Wolf’s education funding, but only if it isn’t accompanied by a suite of tax increases that Wolf is also proposing. There’s been no mention of online gambling as a bridge between Wolf and Republicans on the revenue front. But if Republicans want no new taxes, and Wolf wants more education funding, there is clearly going to need to be compromise on revenue-generating measures. Internet gambling remains one of those possibilities. Privatization of the state liquor system, which Wolf has opposed, is a Republican-backed plan that Wolf may end up acquiescing to. At the same time, it also seems highly unlikely that Republicans’ hard line on opposing tax increases will continue, either. No matter what, the two sides will have to figure out how to pay for Pennsylvania’s budget, one way or another, and that has been the most contentious part of the impasse. No positive signs The latest nugget of news on the iGaming front came from Penn National Gaming CEO Tim Wilmott, who is bearish on online gaming happening during this legislative session. Here’s what Wilmott said in an earnings call last week: In the same call, however, PNG Senior Vice President of Public Affairs & Government Relations Eric Schippers did leave the door open for a possible avenue to a deal getting done this year that that would regulate iGaming. Beyond that, there has been no mention of online gambling by politicians in the state in recent weeks. At the same time, the budget standoff, which was mostly political theater until now, will start having a real impact on the state soon, as money to some state-funded programs will run out in August or shortly thereafter. For now, everyone in Pennsylvania is watching and waiting for one of the sides to give some ground, or find a new solution to the issues Democrats and Republicans disagree on. Will online gambling be a part of that solution? While it’s looking increasingly unlikely, it’s not off the table yet. Photo by Governor Tom Wolf used under license CC BY 2.0.

Kesalahan Besar Yang Dibuat Oleh Para Pemain Blackjack

Aku sudah bermain blackjack di kasino untuk beberapa 35 tahun. Di Vegas. Midwest. Mississippi. Louisiana. Atlantic City. Connecticut. New York. Dan masih banyak lagi tempat-tempat yang hanya akan membuat Anda bosan jika saya listedHenry Tamburin adalah editor dan penerbit Blackjack Insider Newsletter dan penulis Blackjack terlaris: Ambil Uang & Run. Ia juga Instruktur memimpin untuk kursus Golden Touch Blackjack, seorang penulis feature untuk majalah Casino Player (dan 6 publikasi lainnya)

Jadi aku tidak bercanda ketika saya mengatakan saya telah mengamati banyak pemain blackjack selama hidup saya. Yang baik semua memiliki satu kesamaan. Mereka tahu bagaimana memainkan tangan mereka dan mereka tahu kapan untuk meningkatkan taruhan mereka. Para pemain yang buruk di sisi lain dimiliki satu atau lebih dari lima karakteristik tersebut.

  1. Tidak Tahu Strategi Bermain Dasar

Anda akan berpikir bahwa di abad ke-21 semua pemain blackjack akan tahu bahwa untuk menang di blackjack mereka harus belajar dan menggunakan dengan benar strategi bermain dasar. Ini bukan rahasia. Ini tersedia dalam buku-buku, di artikel di website ini, dan di majalah perjudian. Untuk beberapa dolar Anda bahkan dapat membeli kartu strategi plastik yang dapat Anda bawa ketika Anda bermain. Cara mudah itu? Tapi saya berani menebak bahwa pada terbaik 20% dari bermain publik tahu strategi dasar sempurna. Ya, bahkan pemain berpengalaman yang memberitahu saya, “Tentu saja aku tahu strategi dasar” jarang tahu semua drama.

Itu hanya tidak cukup baik untuk tahu setengah strategi dan menebak sisa atau lebih buruk, menyimpang dari bermain yang tepat karena Anda mendapatkan “perasaan” sebuah drama alternatif mungkin lebih baik dalam situasi tertentu. Ketika Anda bermain blackjack Anda perlu bermain seperti robot. Ini berarti setiap kali dealer memberi Anda 16 dan ia menunjukkan 10 Anda harus memukul tangan terlepas jika Anda kehilangan waktu terakhir atau sepuluh terakhir kali Anda membuat drama ini.

Ditto untuk sepasang 8 terhadap dealer 10. Anda mendorong lebih banyak uang dan split. Mengapa? Karena ini adalah drama yang benar untuk membuat, orang-orang yang dalam jangka panjang akan baik menghemat uang atau mendapatkan lebih banyak uang. Jangan percaya padaku? Aku punya miliaran komputer yang dihasilkan tangan untuk mendukung saya.

  1. Mencoba Untuk Beat The House dengan Progresi Betting

Saya melihat ini sepanjang waktu. Tampaknya pemain memiliki pesona dengan taruhan progresi karena mereka keliru percaya bahwa apa yang terjadi di tangan sebelumnya entah bagaimana akan mempengaruhi peluang mereka untuk menang tangan masa depan. Baik itu tidak akan. Ini tidak bisa. Anda berjuang pertempuran kalah dengan progresi untuk satu alasan sederhana. Dalam sejarah blackjack, mereka tidak pernah ada studi yang membuktikan peluang Anda untuk memenangkan peningkatan tangan berikutnya berdasarkan apa yang terjadi (menang atau kalah) di tangan sebelumnya. Tidak ada peluru ajaib di sini.

Menggunakan taruhan progresi di blackjack mungkin menyenangkan karena kadang-kadang dalam jangka pendek Anda bisa membuat beberapa taruhan besar adrenalin memompa yang akan Anda menang. Tetapi dalam jangka panjang coba tebak? Tepi rumah tidak berubah sedikit pun. Dan apa yang lebih buruk Anda akan kehilangan lebih banyak menggunakan taruhan progresi dalam jangka panjang daripada hanya taruhan yang sama pada setiap tangan karena taruhan rata-rata meningkat ketika Anda menggunakan kemajuan (ingat bahkan dengan strategi dasar rumah masih memiliki sedikit tepi sehingga semakin banyak Anda bertaruh semakin Anda akan kehilangan). Tidak, taruhan progresi tidak bekerja dalam jangka panjang sehingga forgetaboutit.

  1. Taruhan Lebih Karena Anda Apakah Karena Menang

Pemain taruhan $ 5 tangan dan kehilangan 4 atau 5 tangan dalam suksesi. Sekarang dia meningkatkan taruhan $ 10 karena dia tokoh dia adalah “karena menang.” Anda tidak apa-apa karena di kasino dan tentu saja tidak tangan menang hanya karena Anda kehilangan 4 atau 5 tangan sebelumnya. Ingat apa yang kita katakan sebelumnya. Hasil tangan sebelumnya tidak memiliki bantalan pada hasil tangan masa depan di blackjack. Jadi jangan bertaruh lebih berpikir Anda adalah karena menang.

  1. Tidak Mengetahui Kapan Berhenti

Pemain mendapat depan sebesar $ 100. pasang berubah dan ia mulai kehilangan. Apa yang Anda pikirkan pemain tidak? Berapa banyak yang mengatakan, “Berhenti dengan keuntungannya.” Berapa banyak yang mengatakan, “Terus bermain.” Mungkin 90% dari semua pemain kasual akan terus bermain. Mengapa? Keserakahan dan keinginan untuk bertindak. Saya meminta Anda, adalah lebih baik untuk bermain 3 jam tapi akhirnya kehilangan keuntungan Anda kembali ke rumah atau berhenti dengan keuntungan $ 100 setelah bermain satu jam? Aku tahu apa yang akan kulakukan.

  1. Percaya Bahwa Game Blackjack adalah Sebuah Keberuntungan

Para pemain ini menempatkan blackjack di kategori yang sama dengan slot. Ini semua keberuntungan, jadi mengapa repot-repot? Anda bisa mengatakan bahwa tentang slot dan rolet dan paling permainan kasino lain tapi kau sudah mati salah tentang blackjack. Mengapa? Karena alasan sederhana bahwa blackjack adalah permainan keterampilan dan peluang dapat diubah dalam mendukung Anda jika Anda tahu bagaimana memainkan permainan terampil.
Anda bisa menjadi pemain blackjack sukses yang memainkan permainan terbaik kasino yang ditawarkan jika Anda hanya memahami fakta-fakta tentang permainan.

  • Ada cara matematis yang benar untuk bermain setiap tangan ditangani untuk Anda. Strategi bermain ini telah dikembangkan oleh jutaan pada jutaan simulasi komputer dengan jumlah yang tak terhitung jumlahnya dari matematika blackjack. Strategi ini adalah strategi bermain dasar. Ini satu-satunya strategi bermain yang akan memungkinkan Anda untuk meningkatkan peluang Anda untuk menang. Belajar itu dingin dan menggunakannya untuk setiap tangan ditangani untuk Anda.
  • Satu-satunya faktor yang berkorelasi peluang Anda untuk memenangkan tangan saat ini atau masa depan adalah komposisi kartu di kartu undealt. Ketika yang terakhir mengandung banyak kartu nilai kecil, kemungkinan bergeser ke dealer. Namun, ketika komposisi kartu undealt kaya 10, kartu gambar dan kartu As, peluang untuk menang pergeseran dalam mendukung Anda. Agar Anda untuk mengambil keuntungan dari fakta ini tentang blackjack Anda perlu untuk menonton dan melacak kartu yang dimainkan. Mereka membuang yang ada di meja untuk setiap melihat mengandung informasi berharga bahwa pemain yang cerdik memanfaatkan. Jika Anda melihat kartu lebih kecil pada tata letak dibandingkan dengan kartu besar maka mereka harus lebih banyak kartu besar di kartu undealt dan sekarang adalah ketika Anda harus bertaruh lebih.

Ada beberapa teknik formal yang dapat Anda belajar untuk melacak kartu seperti yang dimainkan. Hal ini dikenal sebagai menghitung kartu. Namun, kebanyakan sistem kartu penghitungan membutuhkan 20-40 jam rajin berlatih sebelum Anda akan siap untuk bermain secara akurat di kasino. Namun, ini telah berubah berkat Dan Pronovost yang menemukan Kecepatan Count. Saya, bersama dengan Frank Scoblete, mengajarkan Kecepatan Hitung sampai pemain rata-rata di seluruh negeri karena kita tahu itu bekerja dan kami tahu itu cara termudah untuk pemain rata-rata untuk mendapatkan tepi atas kasino saat mereka bermain blackjack.


Wujud Permainan Judi Yang Ditawarkan Adalah Casino Online

Di dalam awal dimulainya perjudian online melalui tali internet, Satu buah perusahaan dinamakan Microgaming yang dibentuk pada tahun 1994, mengklaim kalau mereka adalah perusahaan pertama di jagat yang menghapuskan layanan bola tangkas online beserta taruhan duit sungguhan. Tersedia juga kongsi lain yang mengklaim zat serupa.

Industri lain yang mengklaim taktik serupa adalah Cryptologic, yang menjalankan web – web intercasino serupa salah satu situs penyedia produk casino on line pertama yang masih menetap hingga waktu ini. Microgaming serta Cryptologic ialah dua perusahaan yang super berpengaruh dalam awal dimulainya era betting online khususnya casino online. Keduanya memiliki peranan diperlukan dalam penjelasan teknologi yang dibutuhkan untuk menjalankan dalam setiap jenis suguhan judi dengan sistem transaksi keuangan untuk para membernya.

Agen Bandar casino

Sistem judi online

Untuk memelihara agar sistem judi online berlisensi benar dan terang, pada tahun 1996 dibuat organisasi yang bernama DzKahnawake Gaming Commissiondz. Organisasi itu diatur tentu Kahawake daripada Wilayah Mohawk. Pada simpulan 1990-an, pertaruhan online memperoleh popularitas yang sangat menjulung. Pada tahun 1996, situs-situs perjudian semata-mata berjumlah 15situs, lalu naik menjadi 200 situs saat tahun 1997. Dari satu buah laporan yang diterbitkan sebab Frost & Sullivan mengemukakan bahwa pertimbangan judi online pada tahun 1998 tutup melebihi 830 miliyar dolar Amerika.

Sampai tahun 2001, orang yang sudah menyerikati pada judi on line naik jadi 8 juta pengguna dan pertumbuhannya langsung berlanjut sampai saat ini. Tahun 2001 aja sudah tersedia 8 jutaan orang2 yang memakai situs spekulasi online malahan hari ini itu tatkala terusan internet telah sebagai kehendak seluruh orang2. Kehadiran smartphone semakin menyaruk kelanjutan kemajuan, kronologi, pertambahan, pertumbuhan, perubahan, perurutan, urut-urutan, dunia maya dengan para operator seluler oleh karena itu santapan judi online kini telah merambah smartphone indah dengan perantara rekayasa spesial ataupun saluran website konvensional.

Casino Online

Di mula tahun 1990, macam permainan judi yang ditawarkan oleh casino online besar terpatok. Daripada sudut model, fungsionalitas, layanan pelanggan yang benar jauh jika dipadankan dengan layanan & teknologi yang ditawarkan sambil casino online di roman sekarang. Semasa, judi on line tersebut sudah biasa sangat menyiratkan & memikat untuk beberapa orang. Secara berjalannya saat, semakin menggunung terbit situs bandar online yang menawarkan sajian casino online jadi mengutarakan pertarungan yang memicu di setiap operator untuk terus menyemaikan teknologi serta kualitas layanannya.

Secara tambah padatnya teknisi yang merusakkan layanan casino online dan semakin menggunung species permainan yang ditawarkan, itu bersaing untuk oleh karena itu yang terbesar & unggul. Setimpal usaha pada biasanya, bervariasi strategi kendati dijalankan untuk siap mempesona pelanggan trendi juga menolong pelanggan lambat. Cela satunya ialah stimulus berbentuk ekstra serta promo-promo. Sesuatu berikut sudah menjadi substansi yang lazim dikerjakan kolektif website penyedia fasilitas judi on line casino ataupun struktur produk judi yang lain.

Casino Online Terbaik

Kemajuan Casino Online

Kemajuan kilat yang dicapai sama karet operator bola tangkas online merupakan menawarkan teknologi terbaru yang mana para pemain dapat melaksanakan taruhan sementara menonton berdasar pada langsung (live) & sepatutnya time setimpal tampil sinambung di meja casino. Lalu teknologi live ini jadi benar ternama bersama tipikal segar kira kejai operator casino online.

Kepopuleran rupa permainan live ini dikarenakan adanya kepanikan dari karet pemain yang memandang suguhan online sanggup dimanipulasi dan disetting sedemikian bagai. Jadi dampak yang tampak diragukan keadilannya olehkarena itu seharga mujur faksi teknisi. Selain itu, mulai dari banyak tokoh yang memilih2x permainan secara Live karena kelar memandang prosesnya dengan langsung disamakan terus-menerus tahu gambar-gambar grafis. Terlindung permainan casino on line, rasakan keseruannya!

Macam-Macam Turnamen di Casino – Perkembangan teknologi informasi di internet membuat casino online yang terpercaya membuka kesempatan kepada para bettor untuk segera bergabung dan mengikuti turnamen casinoPara peserta atau member bisa bermain judi sepuasnya dengan permainan yang sudah disiapkan oleh casino online tersebut. Setiap bettor berhak untuk memilih meja permainan dan memilih lawan mainya. Bisa jadi seorang bettor Indonesia akan berhadapan dengan bettor-bettor lain di seluruh penjuru dunia. Sebelum mengikuti permainan judi di turnamen casino setiap bettor diharuskan untuk mendaftarkan diri untuk memperoleh akun dari casino online. akun tersebut nantinya yang akan digunakan untuk bertransaksi baik deposit ataupun withdraw. Setiap akun bisa memainkan semua jenis permainan sesuai daftar akun dan peruntukannya. Masing-masing akun dibagi menjadi beberapa dimana setiap bagian terdapat jenis permainan sendiri-sendiri. Ada turnamen baccarat, turnamen poker, turnamen slot dan lain sebagainya.

Dapatkan Hadiah Jutaan Rupiah Dari Turnamen Casino Permainan judi casino online sangat menggiurkan tentang hadiahnya. Banyak bettor yang rela untuk menanamkan modal hanya untuk bertaruh secara online. tidak ada pungutan biaya  untuk mendaftarkan diri. Yang ada hanyalah penyetoran deposit sebagai tanda jadi seorang bettor dalam bergabung dengan sebuah casino online. dan untuk bermain turnamen casino uang taruhan harus disetorkan terlebih dulu setelah sebelumnya menyetorkan uang deposit. Dengan adanya hadiah yang nilainya mencapai puluhan juta rupiah sepertinya harus ada yang mengawal modal tersebut yang pada intinya adalah bahwa sebuah turnamen atau permainan judi casino online seharusnya bisa dengan mudah untuk dimenangakn. Apalagi bermain melawan sesama pemain judi online yang bukan robot atau mesin. Hal ini akan dipertaruhkan skill. Misalnya dalam turnamen poker. Diperlukan pengetahuan kombinasi-kombinasi kartu poker yang tentunya sangat bermanfaat apabila bisa dimengerti mengenai hal tersebut. Kemenangan para bettor bisa jadi sebuah ujian yang harus dilalui. Ada beberapa permainan yang secara gratis bisa dimainkan. turnamen casino poker dan slot mesin adalah dua turnamen yang menjadi incaran para pemain judi online di internet. macam hadiah yang disediakan juga sangat banyak yang bisa direbut oleh bettor. Jadi jangan ketinggalan. Segera daftar dan gabunglah.